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Locked Out From My Car In NY

Locked Out From My Car In NY It was a late Sunday evening and I was driving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. All the way up during the ride thinking about the beautiful weekend spent with my friends. The sky, slowly hiding under the dark blanket, reminded of the upcoming busy day and all my calmness, happiness faded within seconds. I realized that I had started hexing the savage Monday. I emitted a long and deep breath as I stopped close to Brooklyn Bridge. As the minutes went by, my calmness went along with it just like how the East river beneath me is drifting away.  I made a decision to step out of the car to experience more of life before I enter the approaching working days in my ‘machine mode’.

The scene was satisfying. I had been really boosted by the air breeze touching my monotomous face. I let few minutes pass, as I appreciate how the river flows beneath me till my inner self was satisfied. I returned to my car after having enough enthusiasm to go in the repulsive week. That’s when I noticed that I forgot my keys inside the car and also have no idea how to open it up. And all the energy was gone like the wind.

I had no copy keys. Breaking the glass to retrieve my key is the last thing I’d wish to accomplish. Contacting home was out from choices as there was nobody back home. Well, too much for this week. What am I going to do? Take a lift from a stranger? But what about my vehicle? Not occurring. Looking for a locksmith was the next matter I did.

I had walked past 4 blocks just to know that it was Sunday and almost 8 in the evening. The single thing I was able to find was a Sub to much on. I hoped that it would help me make a perfect plan. If not, it would at least give me the energy to break the glass of my car. I paid at the counter and put the change in my wallet and that’s when I found a card. 

It said ‘LocksmithJet’. My friend had handed me this earlier that day. I quickly dilled the number and asked for service.

I reached back to my vehicle and I no time a locksmith was working at the lock. My time and most particularly, my car window was saved.

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Locked Out Of My Car In NY

Locked Out From My Car In NY

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